Don't Let Others Dictate Your Future


March 12th, 2020

22 mins 37 secs

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Never let anyone dicate to you your future.

The short reason is because you are the one in the drivers seat and you are the one who is control. Your destiny is in your hands.

The long reason is this, firstly we have our goals set for the future and we know what we want to accomplish. We athletes we are a different breed;

  • we think differently to most.
  • we want to achieve great heights in our sport.
  • we create our own path.
  • we are blazing down trails that most people haven't gone down before (only those athletes before us).
  • and most people are not game enough to do what we do.

So when someone is not on the same wave length as you and they don't think the same way as you, they don't get it. They ask questions like;

  • why are you setting goals?
  • why are you working so hard?
  • why don't you want to hang out this afternoon?
  • why do you plan out your days, weeks and months?

And you know what, that's ok! They don't have to think like you do, they are not wrong they are just different, just as you are different to them.

But what happens when your coach makes the decision that you are not good enough for the squad?

What happens if they make the decision that your pathway to becoming the athlete you want to become is over? And you have only just begun?

What do you do?

This is explained in greater detail in this episode.

However get this message clear today!

If you are not getting the results yet;

  • it may be time to change the strategy?
  • it may be time to change the coach?

There is not just one strategy that will be the answer to your goals. There will not be just one coach who will be the answer to your goals.

It will be a series of;

  • strategies
  • advice from various experts
  • trialing and testing
  • making changes to techniques and skills
  • working with different coaches
  • improving and changing routines
  • working through various mindset techiques

There is not just one way or one method.

The message in this episode today is NEVER LET ANYONE DICTATE YOUR FUTURE!

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  • how to craft your plan to go after your sports goals in a strategic way.

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Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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